Iris Van Herpen Couture Paris show 2011

From lines and volumes that spread in the space to the most natural and organic structures such as a skeleton, or an insect turned couture, dutch designer Iris Van Herpen, showed her collection during Paris Fashion Week- Couture. 

She created a new direction of couture that combines fine handwork techniques with futuristic digital technology , elongating the shapes and developing volumes creating new silhouettes. As she describes her own work " By bringing form, structure and  materials together in a new manner, I try to suggest and realize optimal tension and movement.”nShe forces fashion to the extreme contradiction between beauty and regeneration.

With this show she sets an statement about what she thinks about the uniqueness of woman, she wants to express  the character  and emotions extending the shape of the feminine body in detail. She mixes craftsmanship- using old and forgotten techniques- with 
innovation and materials inspired on the world to come.

She believes fashion is an artistic expression, showing and wearing art, and not just a functional and devoid of content or commercial tool. 

Iris  graduated from the prestigious Artez Institute of the Arts in 2006, after her studies she cultivated her skills under the watchful eyes of Viktor & Rolf and Alexander McQueen, She showed with Vauxhall Fashion Scout during February 2010 London Fashion Week. 

You can have a look at her Paris Couture show clicking here

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