Asger Juel Larsen A/W 2011 collection:"Uncle Sam"

Asger surpasses the usual atheistic present in current menswear trends; influenced by the American flag, the armed forces and fetish wear, such is reflected in this impulsive and rebellious collection. Asger’s obsession with the 1860’s fuelled his outlandish designs.A mix of historical figures that helped the flow of ideas included Native Indian chiefs, U.S federal officers and a craft mechanic.
His works have a mysterious allure and yet they seem to almost suffocate the wearer with the amount of fabric that is used and moulded to incubate. The range is devoid of colour. Simplicity is key .The juxtaposed garments also reveal a number of new and allusive silhouettes that rekindle the excitement of the human form. Elegance becomes exhausted. Villainy and dusk become weighty and admirable. Cut outs of fabric, laces and chains indicate and accentuate a sense of fragility while reinforcing the air of restriction.
His gloomy collection has struck a cord with the fashion public. His neutral designs armed with a kindred eye for detail and a distinct technical spark, makes him one to watch in the emerging fashion scene.
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