Asger Juel Larsen collaborates with “The Awakening"

Earlier this week we documented S magazine's collaboration with Asger to make his first fashion film.
“Uncle Sam”, directed by Theo Prodromidis, is a beautiful and thought provoking film featuring Asger’s outlandish designs. With Paul Joyce providing styling this fashion feature oozes creativity and sensuality. 

But that is not all Asger is up to, the talented designer is also collaborating with “The Awakening”:
“The Awakening" is a gathering of Scandinavian creatives and designers that seek to express their individual esthetical philosophy within a common group.”
The artist’s disciplines range from fashion design to architecture and their exhibition begins on 4th August at the Forum Copenhagen during Copenhagen Fashion Week. They will be taking part in the Gallery International Fair. They will be celebrating the exhibition with a double party whammy at the official home of Copenhagen Fashion Week on August 5th.