Introducing Malene Oddershede Bach, Vauxhall Fashion Scout´s Ones To Watch SS12

On Wednesday Vauxhall Fashion Scout announced Alice Lee, Malene Oddershede Bach, Phoebe English and Shao Yen as Ones To Watch SS12 winners, Congratulations to all of you.

It has come the time to make the introductions. Ladies and Gentleman Vauxhall Fashion Scout is really pleased to introduce you to one of our Ones To watch winner, Malene Oddershede Bach, this will be the first of four interviews where you will be able to get to know the designers and their thoughts a bit more. 

Danish designer, Malene Oddershede Bach, is a 2010 Middlesex University graduate who furthered her fashion credentials as the Assistant Designer for Preen by Thorton Bregazzi. This September’s Ones To Watch will see the launch of her own label which will be defined by a strong focus on texture and form, layering unusual cuts, bright prints and leather pieces.  

VFS: Congratulations for being announced Vauxhall Fashion Scout´s Ones To Watch winner, what you felt when you first knew about?
MOB: I was really surprised and didn’t quite believe it at first. Showing as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scouts The Ones To Watch is an absolute amazing opportunity, so I was obviously over the moon after receiving the news. 

VFS: How are you celebrating?
MOB: I had a big steak and a glass of wine with my sister who was visiting at the time of the announcement. Any other major celebrations will have to wait until after the show as I’m currently working non-stop.

VFS: Did you always want a career in fashion? When did you decide this was your field?
MOB: No, I was broad up on a farm in the middle of the countryside of Denmark, playing football, doing horse riding and helping my dad around the farm, so it wasn’t until after I moved to London back in 2004 that I actually realised that this was a pathway that I had great interest in. 

VFS: What advice would you give to recent fashion graduates?
MOB: Get as much experience as possible while still being at university, be focussed, self-driven and work as much on your own initiative as possible as the best way of learning will always be from making mistakes.

VFS: If you weren't a fashion designer, what would you do?
MOB: Possibly be studying Maths.

VFS: If you could have any celebrity wearing your designs who would it be?
MOB: Not sure.

VFS: What/who are you listening to at the moment?
MOB: I tend to work in complete silence when working in the studio as it prevents distractions. However, when on the move I do often tend to listen to music. Most recently Daniel Johnston, James Blake, Bjork, Kap Bambino, Plug etc along with potential show music. 

VFS: Where would you like to see your brand in the future?
MOB: Grown steadily with worldwide stockist

VFS: Now on month to go... how are you feeling towards September?
MOB: Obviously feeling very exited. It’s going to be a great experience. At the same time it’s all slightly nerve wrecking as there is still so much work to be done in such as short time.

VFS: Tell us a bit about your SS12 collection.
MOB: My SS12 collection is inspired by psychedelic films and will mainly be focusing on strong prints, bright colours, textures, beading, knitwear, layering and unusual cuts all without compromising on quality and fit. 

VFS: How would you describe your own style?
MOB: My personal wardrobe consists of a mix of charity shop finds and designer pieces. I like the idea of individual style and being able to walk out of the house knowing I won’t meet my neighbour wearing exactly the same. 

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