Phoebe English:Fashion Film Debut

Phoebe English uses her long slim line creations to seduce the viewer into another world. A figure appears in the distance though you nearly miss her as she blends into the white almost florescent background. The illusion of floating garments is created, accentuating the focus of the film: Fashion, beauty and flattery of figure.

This other-worldy vixen slowly moves forward without emotion, the fringes of fabric caressing her luminous body. The use of the inverted black and white imagery represents a ghostly, possibly apocalyptic wasteland. A Kaleidoscope is created with the close ups of Phoebe’s designs which disorientate and yet intrigue, the patterns almost mathematical in view.

Phoebe wished to present her collection through various platforms. While the garments themselves remain the main body of work, the vision was extended through photographs for the media and catwalks shows. However, showing the garment through the medium of film allowed for extended and experimental movement in a contrived setting to attention and enhance the focus of the collection.

She collaborated with conceptual artist and filmmaker Marie Kristiansen, also a Central Saint Martins graduate. Kristiansen’s work revolves around the sinister side of human nature. Her inspirations for this piece include Tarkovsky and Alfred Hitchcock. On why she chose Kristiansen, Phoebe commented: “I have always admired the sense of proportion and composition within her filmmaking, an aspect I think she brings to film from her photographic work. This viewpoint translates well into film as her work exists at an equal level both as a static and a moving image.”

Phoebe has perfectly captured the essence of her looks in this dreamy and powerful fashion film, and we at Vauxhall Fashion Scout love the results.