Vauxhall Fashion Scout has the pleasure of introducing you to Phoebe English, Ones To Watch SS12 winner

It’s a new week and following on from our Ones To Watch SS12 announcement last week, Vauxhall Fashion Scout have been busy conducting interviews with our talented award winners; Alice Lee, Malene Oddershede Bach, Phoebe English and Shao Yen.

Today is the turn of Phoebe English, the Central Saint Martins designer who’s mixed media graduate pieces have captured the attention of the industry. Inspired by light, gravity and motion she creates multi-dimensional wearable works of art and structure. Her striking designs have earned her many awards including the L’Oreal Professionnel Creative Award and we can’t wait to see what she has created for her catwalk debut at London Fashion Week. 

VFS: What were your feelings and thoughts when you knew you were announced as Vauxhall Fashion Scout´s Ones To Watch MEN winner?
PE: I was really touched that you picked my work for 'Ones to Watch', it feels great to have the support and help of Vauxhall Fashion Scout whilst I work on my first collection.

VFS:How are you celebrating?
PE: I have just been moving into my new studio so haven't really had a chance to yet, I will maybe have some time to celebrate after the collection is finished.

VFS:Did you always want a career in fashion? When did you decide this was your field?
PE: I drew all the time when I was younger and always loved clothes and dressing up. For a long time I thought I was going to be an actress but various events meant I accidentally ended up at Central Saint Martins.
VFS:What are you doing right now....other than this interview?
PE: Working on ss 12.

VFS:If you weren't a fashion designer, what would you do?
PE:I would be an actress. I only ended up doing this by mistake really.

What kinds of different materials you would like to expremient with?
PE:there are too many to mention, the world is full of an infinate variety of them!

VFS:How do you feel about fashion films? Do they aid the progression of fashion in this digital age?
PE: Fashion film an intriguing continuation of the standardised 'show' medium of representing work, I think there are still so many ways that this fantastic unity of media can and will be explored. I am particularly interested in how it in many ways is a private catwalk show that can be instantly accessible. The feeling of connecting with a collection like you do when you are at a show is attainable even if you aren't important enough to receive an invite to one, it opens fashion up in many ways.

VFS:Where would you like to see your brand in the future?
PE: On a few select people who inspire me.

VFS:Tell us a bit about your SS12 collection.
PE: I am working towards exploring statics and stillness at the moment. I am working with surfaces which portray different types of time, laboured time against the instant.

Nice to meet you Phoebe!

pictures: Josh Shinner
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