Vauxhall Fashion Scout Would Like to Introduce KYE as Ones To Watch MEN Winner.

Vauxhall Fashion Scout is really pleased to introduce you Kathleen Hanhee Kye Ones To Watch MEN winner. 

Now that you already know Baartman and Siegel and Trine Lindegaard, it is time that you get to know the designer behind KYE. 

Kathleen Kye, graduated from Central Saint Martins MA Menswear in February 2011. KYE’s design ethos is to represent fun-loving new menswear shapes that maintain powerful lines whilst conveying a sense of humour. Kathleen’s graduate collection was able to turn the most unlikely theme, “King Kong dream”, into a spectacular collection.

To discover more about this designer with TV presenter skills, about her main theme for SS12 or what she did to celebrate keep reading. 

VFS: What it feels being announced as Vauxhall Fashion Scout´s Ones To Watch MEN winner?
KYE: I feel such honored to be part of the OTW this year, such a great opportunity for starting young designer.

VFS: Champagne to celebrate? or any another pampering?
KYE: Well! there is no time to celebrate! the show is coming up real soon! must work work work!

VFS: What is you previous industry experience?
KYE: I studied from Central Saint Martins, both BA and MA. I have done some freelance tv show presenter for Fashion TV. Im actually 23, and just graduated from MA this march, so i dont have many industry's experience.

VFS: What inspires you? What is on your mood board?
KYE: For SS12, my main theme is about anti-war. As a Korean American, I was born in the States and studied in london for a while, I recently moved to korea and got a citizenship there. Korea is the only divided country in the world and its mandatory for all korean men to serve military service for two years. So when I gained my citizenship recently, made me think about the country, history and present. It may be a very serious and heavy subject but Im trying to convey the message through the light and witty mood that KYE pursuit.

VFS: What would be your preferred job if you were not a designer?
KYE: a movie star

VFS: Who in the world would you like to collaborate with?
KYE: I want to collaborate with sporting companies.

VFS: Where do you want to see KYE in 5 years?
KYE: Although KYE is more like unisex menswear, I want to design some cool womenswear just for women.

VFS: What kind of music you listen to when you are working?
KYE: I listen to a lot of rap music. 

VFS: How are you expecting September to be?
KYE: Crazy busy. But it will be rewarding and Im very looking forward to it. Its gonna be amazing.

Congratulations for being one of Vauxhall Fashion Scout´s Ones To Watch MEN, and we hope that the rhythm of rap inspires you while designing for your anti-war SS12 collection.

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