Backstage at Dans La Vie Spring Summer 2012

Photography by Lucas Seidenfaden
Backstage at Dans La Vie it was calm, cool and collected. Models re-hydrated post run-through as I grabbed a few seconds with Lan Nguyen head of make up design about her concept translation and use of Body Shop products to create the catwalk looks:

What brief did Riri Sugawara give you for the Dans La Vie SS12 collection?
Four musicians; Amy Winehouse, Madonna, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, so with the music influence we had to choose something that was equally as strong, they all have a [black] eyeliner. The inspiration for the lips we chose a colour that suited that personality so Madonna being back in the nineteen [80s] iconic era we went for the orange red, for Rihanna we went for a baby pink, with Lady Gaga obviously we used bright blue...

Which Body Shop products have you relied on the most to create these looks?
The top three products have been the tinted moisturiser because it has that little bit more coverage, a lot of the girls are loving it. Also, the liquid liners have been amazing to apply; they're waterproof, smudgeproof and they're black which is great, they don't change colour. Also the shimmering highlighter has been really popular, because it's pearly[-esque] so it's got an intensity that creates a reflected light on the skin so you get the contour of the cheek bone without doing anything.

The three key label.m products used for the Dans La Vie show to create the scruffy bun looks directed by Bill Watson and his team from Toni & Guy were the Volume Mousse, the Dry Shampoo and the Hairspray. He also stopped for a minute to describe his styling for the show:

What was the brief you were given for the hair for the Dans La Vie show by Riri Sugawara?
It was literally a photo of a young London woman, so the idea was to be beautiful, soft, but with the contemporary feel of now.

And how have you translated that into the looks you created here today?
I suppose living here you draw from what you see...To be honest, it's what I see with people who are on bikes, there's loads of push bikes going outside the academy where we work and a lot of young women wear their hair like this so we used that as our foundation, just a slight exaggeration; you distress it, make it slightly larger.

How have you worked with the Dans La Vie designs?
For sure, it's almost like the placement on top of the head makes them look taller. It's elegant, but it's not too stuffy.

Text: Madeleine Ayers 
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