Backstage at Eudon Choi Spring Summer 2011

Backstage photography by Asia Werbel

Backstage at Eudon Choi, there seemed to radiate an element of calm. There was no mad teasing of tresses, or brushes flying over faces. The look was sleek and minimal and the mood in the air reflected this. 

Make-up artist Adam de Cruz  from the acclaimed Academy of Freelance Makeup created a bare, but groomed look; models faces were dewy and youthful, and seemingly free of make up.

“The collection was inspired by just being on the beach, putting on a pair of sunglasses and doing nothing to your skin,” explained Adam.

The dewy look was achieved by an intensive skin care routine before any make up was applied. Skin was buffed, and vaseline was rubbed into model’s shoulders and lower legs.

Highlighted cheekbones gave the skin a ‘post-spa’ appearance, while curled eyelashes and brows combed upwards emulated the high-grooming of the women who inspired the looks.

Pinar Necata and her team used Toni and Guy mousses and sea-salt spray to give the hair a just-left-the-beach look. However, the styling was kept sleek and chic with the hair pulled into low ponytails. A stark centre parting emulated the sportswear minimalism of the clothing collection, and fringes were smoothed back neatly behind the ears.

As Pinar describes, “this is a very chic woman. She has been sunbathing, she has gone for lunch, and she has just slicked it back, effortlessly. It’s very expensive looking.”

Text: Natasha Slee
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