Backstage at Georgia Hardinge Spring Summer 2012

Photography by Lucas Seidenfaden
At Georgia Hardinge’s geometry inspired S/S 12 show, the models sported intriguing square hair buns. I raced back stage after the show to quiz head stylist Bill Watson on the cubist look:

The hair was obviously influenced by the cubo-futurism theme of the collection. How did you create such a strong look?
It literally came from a stylist; she said ‘can we make a square bun?’ We hadn’t thought of doing it before, and it was a case of elimination. We tried for about five or six hours to do it on the day of the test, failed lots, and then got close at the end. So I left and figured out a way at home to do it. We used boxes to wrap the hair around but of course it becomes really clumsy and fiddly. We had to find a routine to do it.

What products did you use?
All the products were by label.m. We used a hold n’ gloss because its really strong and very shiny so you can anchor the box in well. Also a blow out spray, which gave it a really nice clean texture through the front so it looked a little bit innocent, not too severe.

The minimalist, cubist collection was complemented by subtle make up by head artist Lan Nguyen:
Tell me about the natural-looking make up look for the show…

We went for metallic feel, using a rusty gold. We kept it very muted, keeping with that rusty feeling, very natural.
What products did you use?

We used Body Shop products. We used a greasepaint, like a lipstick texture, on the eyes and then layered loads of rusty gold pigment. Then on top of that we layered gloss so it gave it a very wet look; a lived in, quite a dirty feel. Just mixing textures, wet and dry.

Text: Natasha Slee
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