Backstage at Krystof Strozyna Spring Summer 2012

Backsatge photography by Lucas Seidenfaden

Backstage photography by Asia Werbel

Girls with larger than life hair and candescent skin looked like extras from a 1960’s sci-fi. The huge hair overwhelmed and defined the girl’s silhouette, making them look like an army of Barbarella Barbie dolls. The head stylist at Toni and Guy explained that he and Krystof had collaborated closely to come up with iconic 60’s hairstyles, inspired by the era as well as Sharon Stone in Casino, that have a minimalist and achingly modern aesthetic. The hairstyles displayed a difference in the range of shape and texture, which was achieved by using Label M Mousse and almost invisible rubber bands stretched over the crown to flatten the hair at the front of the head and give a sleek look. From the restriction of the band, backcombed hair plumed and framed the model’s perfect faces. The hair was then brushed out at the bottom, smoothed over and held with grips underneath to give an elegant finish.

Krystof was very specific about the make-up for his models. He asked the make-up artists at The Body Shop to focus on pale, shimmery skin and they achieved this by using The Body Shop’s radiant highlighter mixed with their extra virgin mineral foundation. The eyebrows were also lightly blocked out and white eyeliner was used beneath the model’s eyes. Together with The Body Shop’s 01 illuminating eyeshadow and moonstone eyeshadow the models look like beautiful, ethereal creatures from another planet.

Altogether, the avant-garde make-up and architecturally sculpted hair complimented the modern precision cut tailoring and minimalist colour and texture blocking of Krystof’s designs.

Text: Amy Lockwood
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