Backstage at Leutton Postle Spring Summer 2012

Photography by Lucas Seidenfaden

Behind the scenes, you could not take your eyes of the model’s lips. As if they had bitten into some rainbow flavored ice-cream and forgotten to wipe their pout. The bright colored mess around the mouth mixed and faded into one another, and looked crumbly, like the lip had been embellished with a harsher texture. Suitably, the hair was simple to match the powerful makeup, with a strong, high shine parting with softer wavy locks towards the end.
Fashion Scout spoke to makeup artist, Lan Nguyen about the fantastic mouth.
What inspired this interesting makeup look?
The designers actually, they were quite adamant that they wanted a really fun, almost something that was ….by the models themselves. It had that element of fun, DIY, quite simplistic but still making a statement. So we decided to go with beautiful skin, and then just keeping with that strong quite garish mouth, which in essence makes you question what is happening. And that’s what they wanted to send out in a message, you need to do a double take.
How did you achieve the look?
We decided to keep the eyebrows quite blended off, not alien like, but just muted, it was just all beautiful foundation, dewy and a little bit of white eyeliner inside just to dust of the lashes, so quite alieny. Quite ethereal.
The colours we chose around the mouth were to go with each outfit, so the designers themselves after we’d done all the smudging and everything, went around and just put an accent of what they felt was part of the outfit, which was quite a nice touch.
What products did you use?
All the beauty skin and eyes, eyebrows is all Body Shop. Using their latest mineral foundations and concealers and the white shadows and highlighters. And then we just used greasepaint on top. And also the designers had loads of leftover yarns and materials which we decided to cut off and stick in the middle as a highlight, as a bit of a collage on the lip. In make up terms it was to give that cute little highlight in the lip, and we wanted to add that extra art.
I also caught up with hair stylist, Indire Schavwrecker.
What inspired the hair look for Leutton Postle s/s12?
I really got inspired by natural look that represents what they have all in the clothes. So if you see there the clothes they have like a combination of different recycled fabrics, from dry to very shiny, from creating a pattern. So I wanted to keep it simple but mirror what happens in the clothes.
What products where used to create the look?
I used mousse to kind of give the grittiness in the texture but also the very wet look in the top, and then we used sea salt and then we twisted and wrapped the hair into two chignons, and then literally dry the seasalt in and then take it out and it will just give that really beachy feel.  And then just use some hairspray to get the even shine here.

Text: Rosanna Cole
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