Backstage with Make-Up Artist Sandra Cooke at Jacob Kimmie

Photography by Ezzidin Alwan

Photography by Magdalena Golembiewska
I went backstage after the run through at Jacob Kimmie SS12 to catch up with make-up director Sandra Cooke using the range from The Body Shop.

What time does your day start, what is the first thing you do?
5 in the morning then shower.
Is this the first show you have done today?
Well, Masha Ma earlier then Fashion Mode is the last this evening.
What is the hardest thing about putting together a look for this kind of show?
It's just making sure all the girls look exactly the same, like it's consistent. We're working in a confined space. It's always the case that sometimes we're sitting around for ages and it's like nothing then like it all happens at once, they've just done the run through so we have waited about 30 minutes and now we have half an hour to get everyone done.

What's the most exciting part; what makes it all worthwhile?

Just seeing the end product; seeing all the girls lined up looking beautiful in the clothes, everything looking just amazing.

What was the inspiration for make up this season with Jacob?
I've worked with Jacob a number of times and he tends to like the same sort of look, and he's very specific. He wanted a round eye but I sort of adjusted it to match the girls and i've made the skin look sort of metallic as well, so it's sort of been switched up a little bit but he's got a look and he's very polished, very elegant. His clothes are beautiful, almost bordering on avant garde so we tend to do something really special. Often the hair can be quite simple so then make-up ends up quite strong and he likes that, so it's always a black eye of some form. One year I convinced him of a red lip but, that was pretty rare. 

Which Body Shop product do you rely on the most to create the looks?
For Jacob Kimmie we have used their black kohl liner and they've got a liquid liner aswell on top to create that really strong brow, but there's also a beautiful shimmer, we are finding that the metallic skin is really in. We have a radiant illuminator which is like a cream, which is beautiful and we are mixing that in foundations a lot. There are a couple of shades; we have moonstone which is a shimmery double eyeshadow which is really nice, it's a mineralised eyeshadow, and then we've also got another eyeshadow; number 1 is the shade but it's a nice white shiny colour and it's good for creating metallics.

What time do you on average get home during a typical fashion week day?
Who knows! 10, 11 maybe?

What are you looking forward to most this week?

We have some really big [avant garde] shows coming up, we have done a lot of tests.

Having seen the range of Body Shop products on offer backstage we know we can expect some incredible looks in the upcoming week.

Text: Madeleine Ayers
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