Beverley Knight at Bunmi Koko

Photography by Lucas Seidenfaden

The lovely Beverley Knight was on the front row at Bunmi’s Koko. We caught up with her after the show to hear her thoughts on the collection.

Beverley, what did you think?
Being called Sirens, it was very apparent why it was called that, especially when Talli [Storm] came out and sang, and that seemed to complement the fluidity of all the fabrics, the pleating, the little bit of structure built into the top. Fantastic colours! It was, I thought, quite womanly, and really really easy to wear!

What is that you like about Bunmi’s designs?
I just think she’s so talented, she’s not doing the expected. What we just saw at that show, that’s not what everyone else is doing, so she is cutting and following her own path, and that just excites me.

Text: Victoria Loomes
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