Fashion Shenzhen - Deng Hao Spring Summer 2012

Photography by Magdalena Golembiewska
The first model stepped out onto the runway, hair in a neatly constructed oriental bouffant, strong gold eyelids cast nonchalant fleeting looks across the condensed room of spectators, Deng Hao had arrived.

The collection was a blur of beauty; the scarlet woman in delicately knit, heavily embellished masterpieces designed to accentuate and titillate took centre stage . Sensual chiffons masked geometrical cut outs in a nod to provocation yet the dresses remained elegant, and a sense of propriety was strung along through the classic gowns and lithe ruffles.

The collection, aptly titled 'Flower Devil – GuRan Oriental Scarlet', carried religious undertones through the detailing and lightly pattern knitwear, as homage was paid to her history in handling fabrics. Although Deng began the brand in '93, her journey first started in the 80's where she spent time perfecting her talents and honing her passion for high quality woven materials.

A collaboration of techniques saw a parade of, what fine artist Pandemonium could only describe as “...a cross between a sort of Spanish flamenco and traditional Chinese”. She continued to praise the collection; “It was amazing and so much of it as well”...and there was. The collection never relented, and still no attention to detail was left amiss. The palette; inspired by regal Islamic mosques juxtaposed to traditional Chinese temples cued royal reds and forrest greens ,that blossomed from the sheer layers and delicately hand embellished sequinned oriental floral décor.

Draped necklines, fishtail sheer knits, precious boleros caressed the slender women who despite the subtleness they donned, walked with pride and ambition. An air about them allowed them, just for a moment, to marry into the opulence of craftsmanship usually reserved for the highest members of ancient oriental society, yet despite this; the figure hugging translucent gowns laced with arabesque knitted floral explosions stayed somewhat flirty and fun, a level almost every woman today is able to love.

Text: Madeleine Ayers
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