Georgia Hardinge Spring Summer 2012

Photography by Lucas Seidenfaden
'Is she wearing...?' 'Last season?' 'I think so...' [PR turns around] 'Yes she is.' 'Looks amazing..' 'Yeah, it does.' 'Love Georgia Hardinge.' 'Me too'. That was the general gist of the pre-show chatter front row on Tuesday afternoon.

Excitement doesn't quite cover the sensation surrounding the Spring Summer 2012 collection from Georgia Hardinge. Backstage, Georgia is like a bubble of energy about to burst. The Vauxhall Fashion Scout veteran (Ones To Watch SS11, Merit Award AW11) returned to Freemasons Hall for a third time with her cubo-futurist inspired collection. The designer once again fulfilled her signature ethos that “the highest approach of art awareness is through fashion” by encompassing her signature linear creations; only this time traversing a two dimensional angle. Brother of Marcel; sculptor Raymond Duchamp-Villons dark vision instigated and incepted the mind of the Parsons alum and carried her directly into the straight talking fractured vectors and cuboid fronted mini-skirts designed for the modern day woman.

Strings filtered into the catwalk hall from the 'End Credits - Jess Mills' soundtrack as the hauntingly dark lyrics juxtaposed the angelic beauty from the box-bun haired model in a moment, the only pertinent word I can find to describe is; as perfection.

Silks, chiffons and neoprenes dominated the runway in a feminine display of daring yet cultivatable gowns, playsuits and separates. Washed out pastels and stone greys were intersected by classic Hardinge geometrical contours. Pentagons expanded exponentially across torsos of figure moulding mini-dresses and catwalk skimming silk chiffon capes were built into the garments on the bias.

Burnt desert oranges and bright light whites appeared in sheer silks skirts and square shaped skirts,. They were meticulously & methodically managed into folded fabric layers in the form of jumpsuits and collar-led concoctions. Chiffons overlay the bolder prints which ceased mid-thigh, leaving lithe limbs beneath veils of varying shades of grey, in a flirtatious ode to the sex-on-legs modern woman. Fullness was added into side seams from the knee down to give subtle fish-tale finishes and rushed silk chiffon trains weighed down the weightless digitally printed parachute cloaks.

Breaking out of the box and exploding the mould; the show was a subtle extravaganza of Georgia at her best, sans one dimension. We here at VFS know what the PR will be wearing next Spring Summer. Wherever Hardinge goes; hype follows.

Text: Madeleine Ayers
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