Go Loco for Vita Coco

Photography by Lucas Seidenfaden
Brazil is a country renowned for its passion for life, personified by the colourful and energetic Brazilian carnival and the fuel juice of its people is coconut water. Vita Coca is a North American brand also born out of love; In 2003 Coco Vita’s founders and lifelong friends, Ira Liran and Michael Kirban, met two Brazilian women in a Manhattan bar who were to become their future wives. When asked what they missed most about Brazil, the women replied “Agua de Coca!” After some research into the magic water Liran and Kirban created Vita Coco.

It is little wonder why Vita Coco has taken off so quickly; the water is completely natural, super hydrating, fat free, cholesterol free, potassium stacked and full of electrolytes. Vita Coco is not only nutritious but delicious too with a range of fruit flavours made from natural fruit purees. Coupled with a rising demand for non-carbonated soft drinks, and an increasingly health conscience society, Vita Coco is the perfect rejuvenating drink. Vita Coco is endorsed by America’s biggest sports stars and their forth coming campaign will feature effortlessly hip fashionista, Rihanna.

Vauxhall Fashion Scout is proud to be working with such an innovative, quality health-promoting brand. Vita Coco is available in the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Media Lounge so what better refreshing beverage to fuel your London Fashion Week?

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Text: Amy Lockwood 
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