Guy Hipwell: The official stylist and curator for the VFS Graduate Showcase

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We are delighted to announce that Guy Hipwell is the official stylist and curator for our new Graduate Showcase.
Guy Hipwell of strives to bring young and up-coming designers into the limelight. His website is what only can be described as pioneering, looking for the best in emerging design talent and giving those passionate in the field a platform on which to grow and succeed as creatives. With fashion moving into the digital age, this innovative idea of using the net to capture a global audience of ever hungry fashionistas was a sharp one. was launched in 2006 and at the head of it was Guy who used his phenomenonal 20 years in the industry as a designer and stylist to aid others. Guy holds many titles at from Founding Editor to Creative Director, he is a man of many diverse disciplines in which he utilises to bring new budding designers into the industry. Vauxhall Fashion Scout has the pleasure of working closely with the fashion insider on our new talent initative, The Graduate showcase.

"With so many designers graduating each year, it is becoming even more challenging for them to get their work recognised. Sadly although they may have talent, many are not equipped or have the knowledge of how they should progress with their careers and if it could be possible to launch their own label.  Initiatives such as VFS Graduate Showcase are therefore vital to garner industry interest and as importantly offer the graduates advice and support through mentoring. It really is a superb platform to get their names out there and gain objective feedback."  Guy Hipwell, Editor & Creative Director of
Vauxhall Fashion Week is gearing up for London Fashion Week and we kick off tomorrow with the launch of our Graduate Showcase!
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