Hi Sushi at Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Photography by Lucas Seidenfaden

Everyday in the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Media Lounge we have been treated to a refreshing cocktail of traditional Japanese cuisine. Media lounge goers have been privy to a range of sushi, supplied by Hi Sushi,  including the traditional raw fish, meat and vegetarian accompanied by the necessary wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger.

Hi Sushi is renowned for its refined quality, and expertise. Every aspect of Japanese dining is carefully considered from the stylish interiors of their restaurants to the individual pieces of sushi constructed with love and care. The combination of ingredients are delicately balanced with great attention to detail but the traditional art and culture surrounding Japanese sushi is given a modern twist, making it effortlessly cool and desirable. Aside from quality the ethos of the brand is driven by affordability. The overall effect is one of accessible aspiration for an authentic cultural and refined culinary experience.

Do hurry to get your taste of Hi Sushi as unsurprisingly the delectable little pieces of art do not last long!

Find out more here, or pay a visit one of the restaurants in Covent Garden, Camden, or Soho.

Text: Amy Lockwood
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