International Reception at Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Photography by Lucas Seidenfaden
On Sunday morning, Vauxhall Fashion Scout and Fashion Monitor hosted an International Reception, with numerous buyers and key press in attendance. We caught up with some of the illustrious guests to find out what they thought of the collections.

Hannah White, editor of Fashion Monitor
What do you think of the response here at the International Reception?
It’s going really well, the turn out is amazing. It’s nice and busy, and there are lots of journalists here.
What do you hope to achieve from today?
For me it’s a case of meeting everybody and adding faces to names. It’s a good opportunity to get together, on a Sunday morning, eat some breakfast have a chat.
Are there any Vauxhall Fashion Scout shows you’re seeing later today? 
I’ll hopefully make it to Izmaylova. I’m very excited about that; someone said they’ve got a big installation, with props.
Who have you seen so far that stands out for you?
The Ones to Watch show, I loved Phoebe English and Alice Lee I loved.
What trends have you seen coming through this season?
A lot of layered silks and oversized tailoring.

Karoline Kivimaki – Lake Como Lifestyle magazine, Italy
What did you think of the International Reception exhibition today?
It’s great; there are always new designers. I love the Ones To Watch.
What brought you to the exhibition?
I came here to see the exhibition today because most of the designers here haven’t shown their clothes, so I can see them up here.
Which designer do you particularly like?
The Ones To Watch winners, particularly Alice Lee, the knitwear.
What trends have you seen coming through this season?
There is a lot of pastels and loads of rose gold, in a metallic glittery way. I like the watery colours, like watery blues and greens. And chiffon: chiffon is everywhere, everyone seems to be doing floaty chiffon this season.

Ariane Buteux – Fashion Monitor, Editor at Large
So how do you think the International Reception is going, Ariane?
I think it’s going really well; it’s a nice turn out. I think it’s good to see a range of pieces. It is really good to hear what everyone has got up their sleeve, what they feel about it.
What do you hope to achieve today? 
Just getting out and meeting people. As Fashion Monitor, it is great to partner up with Fashion Scout and get our names out there as we both believe strongly in the platform [of promoting emerging designers.]
Have you seen any shows recently that caught your eye?

I haven’t seen anything yet! I’ve taken it quite easy: I was in the office on Friday… I’m going to go downstairs and see what is happening later on.

Florence Cleverdon and Anouska Ritchie (guests of Harvey Nichols )

Which collections do you particularly like?

I love Manuela’s (Manuela Dack) dresses. I like the blue dress, the dotty one. I love the shape and the material. (The dress she describes is made from a heavy material and well designed to hug the female form. A plasticy texture covers it, like edited snakes skin but consisting of tiny dots, indicative of a surrealist night sky.)

We also spoke to Rivkie from Fiasco Magazine

Why have you come to the exhibition today?


I am doing a piece on emerging designers and talent and so I thought this would be a good place to come.

Which collections in the exhibition do you like?


I particularly like Edward Finney’s with that kind of punk aesthetic, but I haven’t seen the entire exhibition yet!

Do you have any advise for aspiring designers?


I think you have to make sure that your collections are well produced and made well. When buyers come to view your collection it needs to look good.

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