Antonina Izmaylova and Nathanael Gam

The London based brand IZMAYLOVA is run by duo Antonina Izmaylova and Nathanael Gam. Nathanael focuses on the business elements of the company while Antonina is the Creative Director. The two twenty-somethings have created and built up a brand which specialises in creating garments that convey empowerment and yet each creation is still able to capture an alluring sense of elegance. The modern woman is what this brand appeals to, a woman who isn’t afraid of trying out new and daring fashions. The brand may hold edgy and futuristic trends but they never falter in their quality when it comes to the fabric or the structure.

Here's the brand profile:

What is the essence of IZMAYLOVA?
Both in their early twenties, two bright young entrepreneurs have a vision founded on their combined Russian and French heritage, to redefine the concept of modern luxury. Antonina Izmaylova and Nathanael Gam are the Design-Duo behind London-based luxury womenswear brand, IZMAYLOVA. In operation for just one year, IZMAYLOVA has established a strong in-house design studio, where each piece is handcrafted by a skilled artisan – some pieces taking up to 50 hours of labour to produce. The core value of the brand remains sharply focused on craftsmanship and this is evident in the new SS12 Collection more so than ever. The distinctive IZMAYLOVA silhouette harnesses architectural design and emphases shape and femininity.

Who is behind IZMAYLOVA?
IZMAYLOVA was co-founded in 2010 by Antonina Izmaylova and Nathanael Gam, both at age 22. Antonina is a graduate from London’s Central Saint Martin’s College of Art, while Nathanael studied Fashion Business Management at London College of Fashion. Nathanael worked for many seasons with the British Fashion Council where he was responsible for handling the International Relations for the bi-annual London Fashion Week event and the annual British Fashion Awards. The pair were drawn together after they met at Antonina’s graduate showcase. Their shared vision of redefining the concept of modern luxury drew them together and fuelled their dream to create something fresh and unique. They both agreed that Luxury is about the subtlety and believe the detailing and finish of the garments should speak for itself.

How would you define IZMAYLOVA Woman?
The IZMAYLOVA Woman is confronted by limits and boundaries and daringly breaks through these fearlessly. She is eccentric and a risk-taker in her bold fashion choices. She appreciates fine quality craftsmanship and understands the power of dressing. She is the woman who enters the room and everybody notices.

Where does IZMAYLOVA find inspiration from?
The IZMAYLOVA Design Duo are inspired by both Antonina’s Russian heritage and by the fashion-forward edge of living and being based in London. Antonina’s Russian heritage is strongly infused into her designs as bold, imperialistic architecture, and the artistic history of ballet and opera appear intuitively in each garment. This is fused with Nathanael’s modern interpretation of luxury and their combined appreciation of London’s unique street fashion and culture. Their philosophy remains to harness the amalgamation between the old and new and in turn create timeless pieces.

What are we expecting this season from IZMAYLOVA SS12 collection?
This new collection focuses on the contrasting transition from darkness into light. The Autumn/Winter 11 Collection was dark and dramatic, the co-designers wanted to immerse themselves into colour and fluid fabrics. This Spring/Summer 12 Collection features melting gold, burnt orange, dust pink, nutmeg and sumptuous cream – all inspired by the scenic paradise in Hawaii. It incorporates luxurious light-weight materials such as cascading silks, elegant satin Duchesses, floating chiffon and light-reflecting Swarovski crystals to fuse in pieces such as elongated pleated trousers, cascading fishtails skirts, and 70’s inspired floor-length gowns with billowing sleeves. The core value of IZMAYLOVA remains sharply focused on craftsmanship and this is evident even more so this season.

-What means to be showing in London?
Nathanael and Antonina are thrilled to be showing during London Fashion Week this season as it signifies the introduction of the brand. London is home to IZMAYLOVA and this is where the Design Duo first met, so for the brand to launch here first holds special relevance to Nathanael and Antonina.  IZMAYLOVA has also been offered a Private Presentation Room in Somerset House from the 16th to 20th September, so this season will be a busy yet very exciting time for the pair. London is at the forefront of fashion and each brand that comes out of the capital is respected worldwide. London is not the easiest place to launch a label because of the high numbers of creative minds here, but it certainly is the most rewarding.

Can you describe the mood of the studio and what are you listening to there?
The whole studio is buzzing with excitement and anticipation in the lead up to London Fashion Week and everybody in the team is eager to present the stunning Collection. The team has been really well prepared and everything is going along smoothly; the mood can be likened to the calm before the storm perhaps as the show date approaches. The IZMAYLOVA Team is enjoying listening to Bonobo at the moment as it is creating a really inspiring and focused mood in the studio.

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We can't wait to see their vivid pieces on the Sunday 18th September!
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