Oliver Ruuger - Exhibition

Photography by Magdalena Golembiewska
Suspended and completely still at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, seems to be a collection of objects belonging to a stereotypical British businessman. A black umbrella with a wooden handle, a bowler hat, a boxy briefcase – but there is something unnerving about them. I stand there a little bewildered. The umbrella’s handle twists like a pig’s tail until it sprouts long strands of dark horse hair. Bowler hats carry a veil of the horsehair and a fierce briefcase sported a covering of curved spikes. Are they sculptures?

Designer, Oliver Ruuger calls them ‘Sculptural Products.’

Oliver doesn’t like the idea of a concept. Instead he tries to create pieces that carry a certain emotion. ‘I was I hoping to produce objects that have a feeling of fear or uncomfortableness – something you don’t normally associate with a product,’ says Oliver. The hair blankets hanging from the bowler hats are about hiding vision and the face. Many ideas can be attached to this but Oliver says, ‘it’s not specific to me to spell that out as such.’

For this collection he began to look at materials like the exotic woods, horsehair and leather. He describes these elements as sources of power, ones that evoke some kind of an opinion and carry a lot of information.

As a platform for emerging designers and innovation, Oliver hopes showing at Vauxhall Fashion Scout will create some opportunities to utilise his method and to get his way of working with objects noticed. His collection is definitely not fast fashion: he produces every single component and every material is chosen carefully. Several hundred hours of work is spent on every product.

‘I think it’s time for that kind of luxury product to come back on the market and for people to appreciate that kind of product a bit more.’

Text: Rosanna Cole 
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