Ones to Watch MEN - Trine Lindegaard Spring Summer 2012

Photography by Lucas Seidenfaden 
As the mania of fashion week begins to calm down and we relax in the knowledge that most of the work is done, we are left reeling and purely looking forward to the talent ripe Men’s Ones to Watch show. The show always seems to evoke a good feeling that is festive and celebratory, reaffirming the principles at the heart of VFS and inspiring our love of fashion.

No one could be more fitting to open this exciting showcase than the playful Trine Lindgaard. Her approach to fashion, and in particular the often too serious/self conscious genre of Menswear design is light hearted, experimental and fun, a welcome relief. The opening model burst onto the catwalk in an array of bold colour and textures; a polo-neck, jumper and preppy shorts combination accompanied by a flouncing tasselled headpiece. The ensemble propels geek chic into a new stratosphere as completely unashamed and mad.

Pushing the limits, are Trine experiments, as a red leather floor length coat adorned with tassels sweeps down the runway. Her outfits are the results of brilliant experiments with colour and texture and she has come to her finished pieces through fun, kinetic and tactile experiences. A fringed geeky jumper that resembles a lion’s mane harks back to Trine’s graduation collection and becomes excessive as the level of fringing is akin to what a witch doctor might wear to perform a ritualistic dance. Sophisticated buttoned to the neck shirts with epaulette workman tabs on the shoulders are subverted and freed as they become brightly coloured and oversized. Jumpers display large embellishments, Jolly mustard yellow t-shirts are teamed with patterned trousers. One brown shirt/shorts ensemble gestures to crazy ‘70s floral patterns. The mad bouncing tasselled wig/hat/helmet headpiece underpins each outfit, so that the models look like brightly painted Lego men.

Trine’s inspiration comes from her childhood, her father’s strange friends, corduroy wearing folk and eccentric collectors (highlighted by the embellishments). Everything in Trine’s designs is pushed to the extreme and borders the ridiculous but it is always credible and fun. Her expertise in garment construction, her natural interest in experimental surfaces and textures and her successful juxtaposition of colours and textures, reveals a talented designer. Her willingness to play and experiment shows a bold artist. 

Text: Amy Lockwood 
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