Parsha Gerayesh - Graduate Showcase

Photography by Magdalene Golembiewska

Illustration by Andy Bumpus
Coffee, late nights and sleeping with the light on. That was the recipe recent Westminster Fashion BA graduate Parsha Gerayesh prescribed me for success, and it obviously worked for him. His heavily structured steam bent wooden creations were a main attraction, bound similarly to oversized embroidery hoops, almost a la Claes Oldenburg except moulded to the body. “They can be worn in more than one way”, says Gerayesh; the Graduate Fashion Week Innovation award winner, who after many a trial and error session settled on beech for its durable properties.

Currently one month into his three month placement at Karen Millen; Parsha is aiming to hone his commercial skills before going it alone. However this is not the first placement he has undertaken;  stints at menswear designer Aitor Throup and Peter Jensen during his studies he said were invaluable to his education. 'Learn to love coffee and sleep with music blaring and the lights on. You will wake up feeling like you never went to sleep but ready for a new day'. I'm still dubious but am willing to give it a try!

Posed the question; “So where do you see yourself in 10 years time”, like many of the other young designers his answer went along the lines of 'running my own label in London', but he also went a step further. 'I want a cross disciplinary design lab...London, Paris...' and after meeting and getting to know Parsha, I can safely predict one day the world. We here at VFS expect big things from this hotbed of enthusiasm. 

Text: Madeleine Ayers 
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