Post-show interview with Georgia Hardinge

Photography by Lucas Seidenfaden
Where did the concept futo-cubism...I mean cubo-futurism come from?
Well, I mean, it's a hard one, like a tongue twister! So basically, Raymond Duchamp-Villon is the brother of Marcel Duchamp, and he was a cubist sculptor and he really influenced me this season, so that's why I really wanted to do a futuristic cubist approach.

Last season your collection was very three-dimensional, this season you worked more on incorporating your print designs. Was there a specific fabric or range of fabrics you used to create your collection this season?
Silk chiffon, silk rayon, silk jersey...Everything's silk, and neoprene!

I have to ask; where did you find your shoes (platform lace-up ankle heel boots) for this collection?
They're from Jeffrey Campbell; I got them from America.

Do you have a favourite place in London? A place you go to for inspiration?
I like my studio. Literally I am a hermit. I live and work in my studio.

Have you started planning for next season yet?
I'm definitely going to go into real architecture; there's going to be a load of 3D things.

How has Vauxhall Fashion Scout affected your life?
Well they've started me! They billed me from day one; I was there for Ones To Watch then Merit Award then this season, I mean, my whole PR strategy comes from them...They have been really supportive, I owe a lot to them!

Text: Madeleine Ayers 
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