Rohmir - House of Evolution Spring Summer 2012

Photography by Magdalena Golembiewska

Photography by Lucas Seidenfaden

Directly after the clean minimalism of House of Evolution designer, Math, was a funky collection from Rohmir. A piano plonked away to a delicate beat, which built to pulsing volumes. The rain in an exotic garden inspired Olga Roh, founder of Rohmir. The collection had an early noughties clubbing vibe.

An array of textures and colours came through: the ideas were rooted in the rainforest, taking reference from all elements, plants and animals. Squawks and coos rang overhead as garments came through with feathers, from the large and broad to the delicate and fluffy. Some were beautifully hung individually off the hems of dresses, allowing them to sway with the model’s stride. The bird of paradise feel was also channelled through extreme length and coloured fake eyelashes.

Lace was a constant element throughout the collection, layered over other fabrics or placed next to bare skin – when lace is at it’s most beautiful. Tailored jackets brought a city chic woman to the Amazon but maintained the textured feel of the collection through a simple lace panel on the back. Some lace was peppered with crystals and glitter and used in cosmopolitan party dresses. This is where I felt the rain coming through – the droplets reflecting a summer sun.  I’m not afraid to say they were darn right sexy! We at Fashion Scout could imagine them on the streets of Rome next season.

It is faire to say that Rohmir pushed the boundaries of design in her collection. The last look appeared after darkness had fallen on the catwalk. Tiny electric blue lights shone through the top layer of white lace on a puffed floor length coat with oversized lapels. Its construction proved that Olga is not only a ready to wear designer.  

Text: Rosanna Cole 
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