Photography by Lucas Seidenfaden
Summer is not yet over!

Snog creates delectable little tubs of creamy frozen yogurt, bejewelled with organic fruits. Simple enough, yet the refinement of the ingredients makes for perfection: Organic fruits picked at their peak of ripeness and bursting with flavour, offset against smooth organic yogurt that is so crisp the overall tasting experience is uniquely refreshing and indulgent. They say you never forget your first snog and you won’t forget your first Snog either.

Far from the tedium of diets and healthy eating, Snog is a celebration of health and happiness. Indeed, their ethos evolves around three key points: Health, people and the individual. With such great tasting food that is both healthy and completely fat and sugar free (Snog contains agave nectar, a naturally occurring sweetener), the purity of Snog will awaken a new love for your body and health.

What’s more, the Snog brand is imbrued in fashion and art. Snog already support up and coming artists in any way they can; from exhibiting artwork in their five London stores, commissioning new graphic designers to the design of their uniforms. Lasting support is provided to these breakthrough creatives through royalties and continued exposure. Snog really is the perfect collaborative partner for Vauxhall Fashion Scout: Delicious healthy food and fashion. What more could you possibly ask for this fashion week?

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Text: Amy Lockwood
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