Sponsor announcement: Vita Coco

The drinks are made from 100% natural coconut water; one of the most nutritious and delicious drinks in the world. Ira Liran and Micheal Kirban came across the idea while conversing with two young women in a bar. Soon after the encounter, Ira became interested in bringing the drink to the American market. The brand was born in 2004 after much research into the rising popularity of non carbonated and functional drinks and was launched in the UK in 2010As well as the 100% pure coconut water, Vita Coco has four fruity flavours too, produced by combining natural fruit puree with with the coconut water still keeping the truly natural offering.

“While other beverages claim to be the before, during, and after sports hydrator, we don’t. Sure, Vita Coco is packed with naturally occurring electrolytes, contains no additives, preservatives or flavourings and is as natural as natural gets, but Vita Coco is about natural hydration, and hydration is important no matter what you do.”

Vita Coco are our Media Lounge sponsors and the range will be available in the Media Lounge all week! Tweet and blog your catwalk loves while enjoying a refreshing Vita coco.

Check out their website here  

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