Sponsor announcement:Ty nant

Ty Nant named as the official bottled water sponsor for Vauxhall Fashion Scout for the second season.

“Starting life at London's top hotels in 1989, Ty Nant rapidly gained recognition as a premium product and today it can be ordered in many of the world's leading hotels, clubs and fine restaurants”

 The brand was founded in 1989 with their bold blue bottles, with Victorian inspiration, the colour blue was associated with poison rather than purity. Ty Nant’s signature beautifully crafted glass and plastic bottles are not only pleasing to the eye but are all fully recyclable.

Ty Nant is drawn from a vast underground aquifer, producing a well balanced natural mineral water of unrivalled composition. You can find this natural mineral water in two varieties: still and carbonated.

Whatever your choose, you can be sure that Ty Nant is a 100% natural product

 We are looking forward to working with Ty Nant again this season!

Check out their website here
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