Sponsor Treatment: Snog Sent a Frozen Present

 And the frozen treatment arrived!

Many toppings to choose

Muesli and strawberries? or... a bit of everything?

It was 16.21PM this afternoon, when we had a frozen delivery to our LFW office. Snog Pure Frozen Yoghurt brand, which it is one of our sponsors for this SS12 season, sent a truly healthy treat: some pots with Pure Frozen Yoghurt and all their toppings to pick and mix. Berries and muesli? Oreos and white chocolate starts? Or everything together?

As Fashion Week is getting close, the team was trying to look good,  so we were worried about this sweet pampering but... Snog is free from fat and sugar.

From the delivery guys, the flavor, the toppings, even the spoon, we are loving this snogging thing.

Have a look to their blog. click here.
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