Sweet Treats from the Hummingbird Bakery

 Photography by Lucas Seidenfaden

The Hummingbird Bakery specialise in lush cupcakes with the sweet and fluffy taste that denotes American wholesomeness. Inspired by good American baking, the kind that is generous in frosting (two thirds sponge to one third frosting) and uses the very best quality, hard to find ingredients unsparingly. Real, full fat butter, whole milk and overwhelming frosting produce cakes that are indulgent and fulfilling.

A real treat and a real pleasure, Hummingbird cupcakes are also beautiful to look at. With a home made feel (each cupcake is made fresh on site) and decorated with a sense of fun and lovingness. Pastel coloured frosting and a cupcake called ‘Red Velvet’, with a red sponge adds to the luxurious feel of these cakes. One will pause (only briefly) to admire these delights before revelling in their big-hearted plentifulness.

Here, at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout we are enjoying Hummingbird’s treats in the Media Lounge. Miniature cupcakes offer a little treat and serve to inspire or big, hearty cakes offer a moment of undivided indulgence.

With the rising popularity of cute, frosted cupcakes Hummingbird’s creations are very fashionable making the collaboration with Vauxhall a great match.

Text: Amy Lockwood
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