VFS Exhibition - Q&A with Jungeun Lee

Photography by Slobodan Radosavljevic

So Jungeun, talk me through your collection. How do you create these amazing pieces?
Every piece is made with synthetic fibre, from a plastic that can be melted by heat. I wrap the fibres round a mannequin, or sometimes round myself, so it’s a moulding process from fibre into garment. I was looking at the moulding process of plastic products- they can be formed very freely – so I wanted to apply that process to the creation of garments.

What was it that attracted you to working in this way, rather than with conventional fabrics?
I’ve been trying to find a new way of making garments, one that’s not conventional. I like to experiment with materials, and through that I came across this way of working.

Do you see your designs being worn from day to day?
I’m wearing a piece now! I think they look quite hard and rigid, but they are really soft and flexible.

What are you hoping to achieve from showing at the VFS exhibition?
It’s a great way to meet lots of people, and an amazing chance to promote my work. Everyone has been so supportive and had a really positive reaction to the all the pieces.

And where do you see yourself in the future?
Well I’d love to continue my own label, and hopefully progress onto  a catwalk show at London Fashion week!

Text: Victoria Loomes
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