60 seconds interview with Andreia Chaves

Yes, we did came back from Paris and now we are excited getting ready for February, but we still have to introduce the rest of the talents that were showcased in Vauxhall Fashion Scout Paris Showroom.

VFS: Hi Andreia, how are you?
A.C: I am fine, last day in the showroom.

VFS: Are you enjoying Paris?
A.C: Yes! i love Paris.

VFS: What are you expecting from Paris?
A.C: I expect to establish and consolidate my name in the European market. Paris is a key city in Europe for fashion.

VFS: What is the concept behind you collection?
A.C: It is not collection, it might be better to say series. This kind of work, the material and techniques is difficult and involves a lot of craftsmanship, to develop a whole collection it is too difficult. But for the future i might plan something more commercial.

This series, it is about movement, using two materials which are opposite such leather and metal, and translating and mixing them to create movement.

VFS: Which shops are you aiming to be selling at?
A.C: I am actually targeting the Chinese market, Middle East, Russian and it is also the first work i am taking to Brazil. Next year i would like to work between Brazil and Europe.

VFS: What have been the highlights for this season?
A.C: I have been spotted in Vogue Italia, and Diane Pernet, from A Shaded View on Fashion is writing a piece. She has a huge readership per day. So it is a great coverage.

VFS: What is your favorite thing to do while being in Paris?
A.C: I love out life, and love seating on a cafe.

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