David Longshaw at Paris. Quick interview.

VFS: Hola David, How are you doing?
D.L: I am fine....

VFS: How is being Paris?
D.L: Good so far, how is being for you?

VFS: Amazingly hot weather, the city itself, the food, meeting great peo.... sorry i am doing the interview...What are your expectations for this season in Paris?
D.L: Meeting great buyers from interesting shops, and key media and crabbing to hear about Maud going to the fashion show and her fabulous live.

VFS: What is the concept behind you SS12 collection?
D.L: Every season i write a story which then is the concept. this season a girlfriend takes her boyfriend to the seaside, while being on a boat, she has a flashback and accidentally hits her boyfriend with the oar. She decides to burry him near the coast. Since then she decides to wear a flower to remember him.

VFS: Are you getting inspired by other designers in the showroom? Fabrics, techniques...?
D.L: Sincerely, I am not, as it might end being a copy.

VFS: At what stores are you aiming to be selling at?
D.L: To those ones I am already selling my collections to, as they already know my work and they like it, as an example Harrods. But also targeting new markets. Actually one Chinese store visited the Showroom today and showed interest about my collection

VFS: What have been the highlights of the season so far?
D.L: While being at London, getting Harrods to buy my collection again, while being at Paris, meeting Sara Maino from Vogue Italia and making the contact with the Chinese store.

VFS: What are your favorite things to do in Paris?
D.L: The day we settled down the exhibition was quite fun, also attending Hussein Chalayan exhibition has been a big higlight. But I must confess that macaroons and bread are becoming my hits list.

VFS: By the way, has Maud told you about her time in Paris?
D.L: Absolutely yes, she has been busy attending fashion shows and accessing backstage to interview designers after their show and g¡congratulate them. Also she has attended exhibitions and the most fabulous parties in the city. Also there are some rumors that, possibly, she might be taking over a big fashion house: She has been spotted coming out off the headquarters of a famous french conglomerate starting with L... but just rommors. If that gets to happen, it will shake the fashion industry.

Maud, spotted coming out from a brig french conglomerate for an important business.

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