Getting To Know Anne Sofie Madsen.

VFS: What are your expectations from Paris?
A.S.M: We have a showroom in Copenhagen, and we decided to come to Paris to check out the big scene, to see if we can work with international PR agencies and find stockers. We wanted to go outside Denmark as it is a small country. We wanted to be around, see around and compare what others are doing.

VFS: What is the concept behind your collection?
A.S.M: We found our inspiration for this SS12 capsule collection in the legendary Japanese Hayao Miyazaki animation film, Princess Mononoke (1997).

Mononoke is a general term in Japanese foe spirit or monster. The duality is expressed in the contrast between the etherial and solid garments in the collection. Techniques and fabrics from classic European ballet costumes meets craftsmanship and silhouettes from the late Muromachi period of Japan and unveils a world of the contradictory and the complimentary. It is as a meeting between a mechanical ballerina and a graceful samurai.

VFS: Are you getting inspired by any other designers in the showroom?
A.S.M: Yes definitely, we don´t do knitting and being near to Alice Lee, who does purely knitting, makes you feel attracted. It is great to see what others can do.

VFS: What shops are you aiming to be selling at?
A.S.M: we would like to be selling at few shops with international presence, understanding the volumes of our collection and understanding our story. What we will be interested on would be in not as much as a store but as a brand ambassador.

VFS: What are the highlights for this season?
A.S.M: We opened Copenhagen Fashion Week, which is a big thing. Usually they pick someone well known, and the fact that they choose us, as new designers, is quite important for us.

Also, the show was a complete success, Dazed and Confused, Vogue Italia, Vogue America, The NY times, Love magazine, POP magazine,, among others, attended.

VFS: What is your favorite thing to do in Paris?
A.S.M: Be in the sun, which is one of Paris Highlights for this PFW, and walking around.

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