Hermione De Paula Showroom at Paris

3rd day at Vauxhall Fashion Scout Paris Showroom, the weather is still great, and Paris keeps surprising us. While being here, we heard about our friend and alumni Hermione De Paula, who has stablished her showroom at Paris to present her latest collection entitled ‘Darlingtonia’s Obsession’  S/S12

Hermione de Paula S/S12 tells the story of a twisted English flower - Darlingtonia, who rejoices in her seductive powers, much like the tropical carnivorous plant from which she takes her name. The collection explores wild erotic gardens and notions of artificial beauty and forced femininity.  

Hermione centres her inspiration each season on an unconventional female character and each of the pieces possess a sensual magnetism that appears in accordance to the new muse.

Darlingtonia’s obsession is a tale of true love that has faded - many of the prints centre around exotic flowers on first glance, when inspected more closely are in fact comprised of birds, who are in fact entwined in gardens of weeds exploring the idea of entrapment in love. Inspiration came from exotic birds who garnish their nests with colourful baubles and eclectic objects they have found, in order to seduce and attract a mate.  The jewel like palette mimics these colourful troves, and plays with the idea of creating a façade of beauty with decoration.

But those are not all the news, Andy Bumpus, one of our Fashion Week illustrators did a notebook collaboration with Hermione De Paula, which is being sold at The Shop at Bluebird. 

It marks the launch of Hermione De Paula's A/W11 collection at The Shop at Bluebird. Andy commented: "I collaborated with Hermione on range of exclusive notebooks to match the collection". The original drawings have been worked into an installation that partners the collection in store.

Andy Bumpus Notebook collaboration with Hermione De Paula

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