Quick interview with Drew from Bodyamr

VFS: How is it going Drew?
Drew: Quite good and you?

VFS: Are you enjoying Paris? 
Drew: It is being a great experince. so yes.

VFS: What do you expect from Paris?
Drew: Meeting some new, great and fresh stores to sell our new luxury leisure collection.

VFS: What is the concept behind this collection?
Drew: It is a mix of separate pieces with couture. And to be able to wear your maxi pieces with flats in some occasions.

VFS: Are you getting inspired by others designers of the showroom?
Drew: The showroom is brilliantly curated. The selection of collections is brilliant and the designers are fantastic it is like a family. As well the stores that have visited the showroom were really excited for the selection and they spend more time than they expected.

VFS: What stores are you aiming to be selling to?
Drew: We have an untouched area, which is Far East and I would love some of our pieces getting there.

VFS: Which one have been the season highlights so far?
Drew: Our collaboration with Rolls Royce (click here to see the video) Introducing the brand to Jennifer Lopez, last September, and the reaction of the people at the cocktails we hosted.

VFS: What is your favorite thing to do at Paris?
Drew: I am really expecting Nuit Blanche.

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