Rendez Vous with Doychinoff

VFS: Hi guys, how are you?
D: Quite well!

VFS: Are you enjoying Paris?
D: Yes we are, wonderful city, and amazing weather!

VFS: What are you expectations from Paris?
D: Meeting interesting people  and make new PR, press and buyers contacts

VFS: What is the concept behind you SS12 collection?
D: Books themselves are our concept. Part of our collection represent the cover of old books the outside. the other part is the inside.

VFS: Are you getting inspired by any other designer in the showroom?
D: The others designers are great, other showrooms are more commercial, here it is  a bit more conceptual. It is good to see how others use fabrics, the quality or the techniques.

VFS: Which stores are you aiming to be selling at?
D: It could be good to get colette, because selling at Paris could be great and start building our international presence.

VFS: What are the highlights of the season?
D: Hey! it is not over yet, but so far Vogue Italia listed us in Vogue Talents and we met buyers from Hong Kong and Vancouver.

Also we have realized, through meeting people that for example America is not ready for a collection like ours.

VFS: Why you think is that?
D: They are more commercial, more comfortable, not so conceptual.

VFS: What is your favorite thing to do in Paris?
D: Walk around, get inspiration, and see the romantic side of Paris; Montmartre, Sacre coeur....

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