Asger Juel Larsen- an Inspiration

We at Vauxhall Fashion Scout are renowned for finding and nurturing the next generation in talent. Some of our designers have gained such great followings and received numerous awards, it's no wonder that a lot of them have the power to inspire and intrigue. Charlotte Summers, one of our contributors is so inspired by one, she has used their innovative vision and aspirations to produce some amazing photography and styling work.
Ones to Watch MEN.
"Unique is definitely a word Asger Juel Larsen will be used to hearing. You only need to Google his name and I can guarantee almost 100% of reviews, blogs and interviews on there will all state a similar opinion. Without hesitations I completely agree of course, however not only do his garments deserve attention, as a designer, he is incredibly inspiring and creative beyond some of the greats. 
Graduating from London College of Fashion in 2009 with a BA Menswear degree, the Danish designer has an extensive and powerful imagination which can be seen throughout each of his collections. From his début SS10 focusing on themes of Medieval warfare to his latest SS12 contrast in which he is “encouraging people to explore through their clothes and pick up inspiration on their way”, you can see his aura within the Menswear industry becoming iconic. He also won the Vauxhall Fashion Scout's prestigious Ones to Watch MEN award in Februrary 2011.
His fascination and passion for historical events, characters and eras are depicted through detailing, layering and the structure of the outfits. Twisted together with an air of modern, if not a slightly futuristic edge, shows his versatility that is almost a must to stand out these days. 
Feeling creative and truly inspired by all of his work, I put my fashion styling and photography into practice to see if I could achieve the same emotion and attitude using a female model and vintage clothes, which I customized with staple accessories he used within three of his collections. You can see the outcome in the image below. My images are to the right of some of Asger Juel Larsen's most inspiring pieces."

Charlotte Summers