BLOW PR Press Day

BLOW PR is renowned for having on board some of the best talent in the fashion industry. They pride themselves on their in-depth knowledge and continually see successful results with their clientbase. They are also home to Blow Presents... a platform for emerging and original talent, in which they support innovative designers, placing them at the forefront of the industry. So, we popped along to their press day to see what they had to offer for next season.
Alpana and Neeraj
Demonstrating the sartorial beauty that can be created when combining juxtaposed elements, Alpana and Neeraj’s collection showcased themes of the extra-terrestrial - using fibre glass boning - perfectly amalgamated with an ethereal elegance - cascading drapes of material in subtle pastel shades.


Georgia Hardinge 
Winner of our A/W ’11 Merit Award, Georgia Hardinge is already a firm favourite, and this season is no exception.  Despite their monochromatic palette, her collection exudes excitement and movement; a celebration of the female form, without being ostentatiously exposing.  There is a contrast between severe lines, and smooth silhouettes; while all the time maintaining an effortless grace.  

Flik Hall
Her collection, “The Ghost in the Machine” settled on a dark, yet sophisticated theme; using leathers, heavier fabrics and shadow-like tones.  It’s perfection comes from it’s understated sexual allure, where each piece contours to the body perfectly, yet is far from restrictive to the wearer. 

Soojin Lee
Based on ‘The Secret Garden’, Soojin Lee collection captures the innocence, and excitement of youth.  Bright colours and decadent florals are juxtaposed with a sophisticated cut; encouraging our decidedly fashion-forward inner child to be released.

BJØRG (Jewellery)
The jewellery of Scandinavian designer, Bjørg, has an incredible power of making you want to ditch the day job, and run off to become a warrior princess.  There is a natural rawness to each piece; whether it be her horse-hair choker, or her bone-like metal cuffs.  I wasn’t blessed with the red hair of Boudicca, but with Bjørg’s stunning creations, I could definitely work her aesthetic.  

J Smith Esquire
After winning a cacophony of awards, including the British Fashion Council’s “Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2010, it seems that Justin - aka “J Smith” - can do no wrong; and his collection was a perfect demonstration of why this is.  Intricate, extravagant, and with stunning craftsmanship, each piece seemed more reminiscent of a sculpture than a product of millinery.  J Smith Esquire once again merges the distinction between art and fashion, with seemingly effortless ease.  

Underground (Footwear)
Edgy, rebellious, ‘authentic British Rock n Roll’ brand, Underground, stuck to their roots with this collection of footwear and still remains a firm favourite with individual fashion-enthusiasts, bringing the identity of Brick Lane to Greater London.  It frequents a regular spot on the catwalks, but fear not they are not an unattainable exclusive.  To get you want your own piece of original Punk Chic from the high-street, they are stocked in Topshop - time for a quick trip to Oxford Street! 

Abi Gurney-Read