‘Not some run of the mill shopping centre. It’s a living, fertile community packed with talent, innovation and attitude that puts creativity and fashion back where they belong on the street’ -Boxpark

When the economy hits hard times, creativity is desperately needed in retailers to provide new and innovative ways for people to shop. Pop-up shops are one of the results of this. A wonderful, imaginative concept that, in essence, gives any (ambitious) Tom, Dick and Harry a chance to open their own shop.

Retail revolutionary Roger Wade (the man behind Boxfresh and fashion brand consultancy Brands Incorporated) has taken this concept to a whole new level. He is dreaming big. Forget pop-up shops, this man’s making a pop-up mall!

This inventive idea is to be located in the creative epicenter of East London, opposite the infamous Shoreditch house and within walking distance of the new station. A location certain to draw a lot of attention.

The shops are to be slotted inside shipping containers, creating minimal, unique and low cost ‘Box shops’.  The pop-up aspect of this mini retail adventure is the mobility that the shipping containers possess; in theory you could take them on tour and have them pop up all around the world!

These boxes are aimed at smaller brands and creative organisations that can’t afford to fit into the high street’s square holes, providing new designers with a creative outlet that won’t break the bank. 

Wade understands the importance of new talent and is pushing this by offering local creative brands and organizations preferential rates.
…any retailer that we think are doing something a little bit different’ says Wade.

With over 60 shops (all now fully let!) Boxpark is almost ready to go, although no names are confirmed as of yet. Promised are a range of designer brands, bookshops, footwear, bike shops and many many more...
No definite date has been set on the website, just 'Xmas 2011' so watch this space…or box?

Beth Gallagher