David Longshaw is on Vogue.com’s Christmas Wish List.

So, it’s that time of the year! Tis the season to be jolly and all that. Tis also the season to spend a lot of money on loved ones, and perhaps receive a few presents (good and bad) yourself. If you want to take a leaf out of Vogue.com’s book, then we suggest writing a very extensive, and very specific christmas wish list. It doesn’t have to take the excitement out of the surprises, it just takes the effort of having to possibly return or exchange a few unwanted gifts! On the list is our Ones To Watch winner David Longshaw’s illustrated scarf, available from Harrods. Absolutely exquisite, it's perfect for any fashion lover who wants to receive a little bit of talent. The perfect way to say I love you this christmas! To see what else Vogue has asked Santa for, click here

Sarah Potter- Editor

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