SSSShhhhhhhhhh... Don't Tell Anyone- Tell Everyone!

Listen up Vauxhall Fashion Scout followers! We received an invitation to an exclusive and mysterious event and exhibition at an unknown location. Intrigued? So were we, so we thought we’d like to share the mystery, just in case anybody would like to attend/cover the event too. It sounds right up our street- does it yours? 
The night is being hosted by Anomalous Visuals who describe themselves as ‘A collective of interdisciplinary artists that combine photography, moving image, digital manipulation, graphic design, lighting, projection, installation, music and animation to produce a varied set of expressive multi-media outcomes and visual anomalies.’
There is an exhibition open to all from 9th-11th December, and an exclusive private party from 6-9pm on the 8th December. Should you wish to attend and cover the private night, you should RSVP to
Here are the details;
Secret Subterranean Solo Show between 9th-11th December.
Below are the full event details and listing for SSSShhhhhhhhhh with the online press pack available at
If you are able to provide a listing and/or feature for the event we would be most appreciative. We have several virals that are currently circulating, should you wish to post these, the direct links are also provided below.
Please do feel free to contact us if you require any further information.

Full info:
Anomalous Visuals presents:
9th-11th Dec 
12-8pm  Free entry
East London Location TBA 
A cavernous underground retrospective featuring a labyrinthine selection of interactive installations, unorthodox fashion photography and esoteric moving image. SSSShhhhhhhhhh is a unique and immersive show that celebrates Anomalous Visuals’ first year as an audio and visual collective.
Set within a mysterious and unlikely “gallery” space in East London, prepare for a fusion of media dedicated to collective projects that honour the inspiring creative’s who’ve helped to build the ethos behind AV.
An experience in itself, SSSShhhhhhhhhh brings together film, fashion, design, art, animation, music and motion graphics into an array of aberrant visuals from a range of recent collaborators.
A Secret Subterranean Solo Show challenges the commercial and conventional artistic ideas of an exhibition, promising a multi-sensory world of illuminated digital anomalies in an underground event to remember...
'Don't Tell Anyone, Tell Everyone'
For location disclosure visit from Dec 1st

So, take our word for it, this is going to be one event you don’t want to miss out on. Feel free to take this post an pass it on, it’s all rather exciting, isn’t it? We’ll definitely see you there!

Sarah Potter- Editor