Wonderland Magazine Interviews Leutton Postle

Jack Mills from Wonderland magazine talked to our SS12 Merit Award winner, Leutton Postle, or how he described them  "the Lennon and McCartney of knitwear design"

The interview jumps from which are their favorite fabrics to knit,  how they got their interest in knitting or how they started to be Leutton Postle, to questions the like: which one are their new years resolutions, where the answer for that is taking more sausages or dieting, or how they going to decorate their studio for the festive times.

And finally the best question and best answer: 

"If you were to knit a hero of yours a Christmas jersey – who would it be for?"
THE SPICE GIRLS. Personalised jumpers for each of them, as they were… 

Are you tempted now? Read all the interview here

Words: Jack Mills
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