ILLUSTRATION| 30 seconds with... Michalis Christodoulou

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Our amazing team of blog contributors have been working hard bringing you the exhilarating scenes from Vauxhall Fashion Scout at The Freemason's Hall...We caught up with one of the illustrators Michalis Christodoulou in a rare moment of calm to find out what makes him tick...

VFS: So Michalis, how have you found your first season here at Vauxhall Fashion Scout?
Michalis: Vauxhall Fashion Scout is an amazing platform to promote work as a fashion illustrator. It's been great to witness the shows from a number of new, emerging designers and then illustrate their work on the Vauxhall Fashion Scout blog using my unique style

VFS: What has been your favourite part of being a Vauxhall Fashion Scout contributor?
M: The catwalk shows have been phenomenal and being backstage and watching the designers work offered me enormous inspiration for illustrating and that's so important. Also managing to create some amazing illustrations form amazing outfits and great designers. 

VFS: Talk us through your techniques...
M: My techniques are hand-drawn illustrations using pencils and water colours. I love illustrating striking outfits, attitude and style. I also like incomplete parts on illustrations as they make you use your imagination when taking in the drawings. 

To take a look at more of Michalis' work, take a look at his website