BACKSTAGE| The Body Shop make-up Ji Cheng

For Ji Cheng’s Vauxhall Fashion Scout catwalk show, The Body Shop have created a fresh glowing look with coral cheeks and lips and vibrant orange eyes.
Lan Nguyen, Head Make-Up Artist, talks us through how the look was created.
VFS: What has inspired the make-up look and how have you created that on the models?
Lan Nguyen: The inspiration is spring love so it’s quite soft, feminine and pretty and it’s just using monotone that gives you the feeling that it’s warm and still quite wintery because we’re not doing any other detail apart from the white eyeliner in the inner eye. All the colours that we’ve used are quite vibrant, corally orange and we’ve mixed in lipstick to the powder to give it a matt, dusky feeling. It’s used on the cheeks, the eyes and the lips. 
VFS: Which Body Shop products have you used?
Lan Nguyen: Lipstick number 60, it’s got an orange sheen to it and it’s got a lovely little metallic feel to give you that sheen and vibrancy on the catwalk. And we’ve used the coral cheek colour which also sets it. We’ve mixed it and layered and relayered it to get that intensity that we needed. So it’s very simple but very effective. 
VFS: What techniques have you been using?
Lan Nguyen: It’s just layering, blending, applying, dabbing, stippling, applying again, just constant layering to get the right consistency on skin and the eyes. It’s juicy but it looks like it’s coming from the girls’ skin rather than just slapped on.
VFS: We noticed bright pink eyes at Inbar Spector as well, are these fresh, bright eyes going to be a big trend?
Lan Nguyen: Yeah, people are going for more muted, soft feminine tones that are just a little bit more unusual than what you’re used to seeing. It’s stepping out of the bar a little bit but keeping it like back in the days of the Victorians when there was less colours available. Women used to multiuse all the products so with this sort of thing you get the same monotone that’s quite expensive looking but really feminine and simple and quite young as well.
Interview by Olivia Pinnock VFS Contributor
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Photography by Rowan Papier, and Natalia Ilina