BACKSTAGE| Toni & Guy Hair with Inbar Spector

Toni and Guy hair stylists flock about towering models preening and backcombing. As the hair grows taller and the girls step into their plinth like platforms the stylists even need to employ the use of stepladders.

Inbar’s clothes have a regal, empowering quality so naturally the inspiration behind the hairstyles this season came from Queen Elizabeth I. Inbar explains, “I love England and showing here”. Having worked with Inbar in the past, the Toni and Guy team were able to evolve their previous styles and inspirations along with the designs. The team creatively developed this dramatic female icon into an updated modern, version, a contemporary queen with theatrical dress sense. However, despite the strength of this image the head stylist, Indira, points out “We wanted to create very graphic, very exaggerated shapes but to keep it prettier, ‘princessy’”. The styles are more feminine and innocent which works perfectly with the playfulness of Inbar’s designs.

The team achieved this look by starting with a definite, neat central parting and forming two high ponytails. These were then plaited and weaved with long strands of synthetic hair which were pulled and backcombed into voluminous, tall horns using Label M mousse and hairspray. The hair is very dry, slightly unkept and wild looking, like a young princess gone astray to have fun. Elaborately jewelled, brightly coloured head-pieces created by Lara Jensen, much like the bejewelled pieces Elizabeth I would have worn in her hair, are lowered to conceal the face like an Arabian princess, creating a truly couture look.

Amy Jane Lockwood, VFS Contributor
Photography by Raul Rosillo and Natalia Ilina