BACKSTAGE| Prose Hair with Toni and Guy

The Prose show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout this evening featured heavily fringed jackets and dresses, an inspiring look for your autumn/winter wardrobe. VFS headed backstage to speak to Cos Sakkas from the Toni and Guy session team about how the look can inspire your hairstyle too.

VFS: Talk us through the hair look for Prose…
Cos Sakkas: It is off the face, it’s very square, so think of a flat top type feeling and it’s very wet. Very run-through with the fingers so it’s very lifted internally. When you look at it from the back it’s really long and triangular.
VFS: How does that complement the collection?
Cos Sakkas: The collection’s got a lot of fringing and tassels so really the hair texture is seen as this as it’s all separated so it’s kind of tasselled looking as well. The way that we created the wet look was not by clumping together so we haven’t gelled it into one solid piece. We’ve left all the individual strands of hair to create that fringe type feeling into it.
VFS: What products have you used to create the look?
Cos Sakkas: The key products are the Label.M strong mousse, that’s what makes it look really lifted internally, and then we used the Label.M shine spray which gives it that wet look.
VFS: What are the key hair trends that you’re seeing for this season?
Cos Sakkas: Everything is so easy this season. Really, really wearable and it can be taken off the catwalk and the client can just take that for a night out or for an easy Sunday, depending on the different designers. It’s so simple, so easy; little side partings, a little looseness around the face, low ponytails instead of anything too high, and dry.

Interview by Olivia Pinnock, VFS Contributor

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Photography by Natalia Ilina and Rowan Papier