BACKSTAGE| T.Lipop Vs Asger Juel Larsen

Backstage at Asger Juel Larsen, there’s an ominous feel to the models. With hollowed sculpted cheeks, and dark heavy lidded eyes, the makeup is deliciously romantic-gothic in it’s look. With an almost androgynous edge, the hair is oil slicked down allowing the makeup to take centre stage. Described as a ‘look of hunger’, the entire style conformed with Asger’s vampiric inspired makeup, making for a stunning fashion overall.
T.Lipop’s models were all ready to go when they arrived at Vauxhall Fashion Scout as the designer has already presented his collection this London Fashion Week, earlier today. The inspiration behind this season’s look was ‘Scott of the Antarctic’. T. Lipop’s stylist, Bill, explained, “ We wanted everything to look frozen”, so beards, moustaches and eyebrows were whitened using an innovative concoction of milk powder and water to give the impression of an “Artic blast”. The hair was also made to look a little dirty and in keeping with the 1930’s era waxes were used to push back the hair. The skin was matt but rouge was applied to give rosey red cheeks and evoke the severe cold.

Sarah Jayne Potter, VFS Contributor, @sarahhhhrah
Amy Jane Lockwood, VFS Contributor
Photography by Natalia Ilina and Rowan Papier