BACKSTAGE| Toni&Guy creates looks for MATH


Ponytails again at the Math show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout so Pinar Necati at Toni and Guy talked VFS through the look.

VFS: What was the look that you were going for at this show?
Pinar Necati: The designer said the look should be fresh, as if they had just gone for a walk in the park but to keep it looking rich. She was specific about wanting a ‘rich chick’ ponytail.
VFS: How did you achieve the desired affect?
PN: I built up texture in the hair by using label m’s volume mousse and then sprayed through the Label M Sea Salt Spray. We mid parted the hair and then placed a ponytail just where the head curves, the ponytail was then stitched to the head at the nape to give more of a high fashion element. Just before the girls go out we rub our hands through the hairline for wispiness. The softer texture through the top of the head gave the effect of walking through a breezy park.
VFS: What were the key products and effects for this season?
PN: We are moving towards using a lot of natural texture and enhancing individual natural textures rather than trying to change a hair types. I found myself using a lot of Label M Blow Out Spray. Quite a few looks wanted shine so we were using a lot of gel and Label M’s shine mist. Label M Volume Mousse is always an essential. Today I used Label M Sea Salt Spray but with the intention of creating a natural texture rather than a beachy look.
VFS: Any tips for anyone wanting to recreate this look?
PN: Use the correct product but keep the hair fairly clean, don’t overload it with product. Then, remember that the placement of the ponytail is really important for this look, just where the head curves. It really is an easy look to recreate.

Hazel Brereton, VFS Contributor
Photography by Rowan Papier,